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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Family & Teen Camps at the Omega Institute!

Looking for something a bit different than the typical family vaca or kids camp this summer?  Want to do great things on your own or with your significant other while the kids have a fun, healthy time during part of your stay??  Check out the Omega Institute for some fantastic family and teen camp options! 

The Joy of Play
It Is Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood.  Years of education, responsibility, and stress have turned a lot of us into people who seem almost afraid to have a good time, look silly, get dirty, or be outrageous. This is our chance to do something about it. In this workshop with Joe Killian, Omega’s favorite play-philosopher, we reverse the aging process by recapturing what we knew how to do best as kids: play. We learn and re-learn all sorts of games—new games and old standards, including how to juggle; how to trip and fall with grace; 101 variations of emotionally safe dodge ball; and how to look dignified while being totally out of control on a water slide. We also engage in deep discussions, weird explorations, and immature raids on the Kids’ Camps in order to bypass the neurotic traps we have set for ourselves—the traps that keep us from experiencing the simple and profound joy of everyday life.

Joe Killian is a funny and compassionate teacher, who in real life is a music producer, husband, and father. His work teaches us, in a simple (and deceptive) way, about who we are and what we really value.

Omega Teen Camp is an experience like no other! Our summer camp is about fun, connection, self-awareness, and self-expression.  Here, teens have the freedom to choose from more than 50 activities each day. We offer lots of traditional summer camp activities like crafts, swimming, canoeing, and basketball. We also provide unique and powerful experiences that build self-confidence and encourage self-exploration such as yoga, sweat lodge ceremonies, tai chi, and "face your fear" workshops.

Omega Teen Camp's inclusive and vibrant community helps teenagers gain personal power and increase self-esteem while developing deep and lasting friendships. Teens from all walks of life come together to try new things, learn cool stuff, and create memories to last a lifetime.

Along with their 'regular' teen camp they also offer 3 intensive camps:
Omega Yoga Teen Camp: Riding the Wave of Consciousness
Omega Local Food Teen Camp: Cooking
Farming & Changing the World Through Food
Omega Arts & Crafts Teen Camp: Discovering Your Inner Artist

Don't these sound great??  Registration has begun!  Plug in 'kids camp' and and 'teen camp'  to the Omega Institute search engine. 

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